Tilsiter Havarti

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The Tilsiter Havarti is one of the most exported Danish cheeses. It is a delicious soft Danish cheese with a soft, creamy taste and a structure comparable to brie.

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The Tilsiter Havarti is a soft Danish cheese with a light yellow color. You can compare the structure of the cheese with the structure of brie. The soft washed crust is also edible and gives a unique taste. The Tilsiter has a soft, mild and creamy taste. The cheese also has a spicy undertone. In addition, this Danish cheese is characterized by a wonderful smell.

Fat 45+, pasteurized cow's milk, animal rennet, starter, salt, potassium nitrate

Your cheese is freshly cut and vacuum-packaged!
The hard structure of Tilsiter Havarti makes it perfectly suitable for sending by post.


Where does the Tilsiter Havarti come from? This cheese is originally a Danish cheese. The cheese originated from a recipe by Otto Wartmann, a cheese maker who used completely new quality standards for cheese making. The Danish Tilsiter has been produced for more than 120 years. Meanwhile, there are also many variants of the Tilsiter abroad, such as in Germany, Switzerland and even Australia.


The Tilsiter is a versatile cheese that you can use for anything. Thanks to the texture, the cheese is easy to cut. The cheese is a delicious addition to salads, sauces, sandwiches and for drinks. Serve a good Chardonnay with the Tilsiter.

Lisää tietoa
Ulottuvuus koko juusto 32 cm L x 12 cm W x 12 cm H
Merkki Tilsiter harvati
Makuvoimakkuus Lievä
Maan alkuperä Denmark
Ravintosisältö per 100 grammaa
Rasva (gr) 26
Tyydyttynyt rasva (gr) 17
Kalsium (mg) 700
Energia (kcal) 339
Energia (KJ) 1677
Hiilihydraatit (gr) 1,9
Proteiini (gr) 24
Suola (mg) 753
Maitotyyppi Lehmä
Gluteiiniton Kyllä
Juoksetetyyppi juoksute
Sokeriton Ei
Saattaa sisältää jäänteitä pähkinöistä Kyllä
Syötävä juustokuori Kyllä
Laktoositon No
Pastöroitu Yes
Resepti Ei tietoa
Rajoitettu säilyvyysaika Ei
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