Stompetoren Grand Cru | North Holland cheese

The Grand Cru is the oldest cheese in the Stompetoren range. This cheese has matured naturally for 18 months on the shelves in the Stompetoren ripening warehouse. The Grand Cru is therefore superior in taste. A delicious spicy cheese with a not too dominant salt grain. Pure enjoyment!

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Are you a fan of old cheese? Then you must have tried the Grand Cru! This old cheese is superior in taste and irresistibly tasty. Where other cheeses dry up after such a long ripening time and get a hard crust, the Grand Cru remains easy to cut with a thin crust. This old cheese is nice and spicy and full of flavor. Moreover, you also taste a small grain of salt that is not too dominant.

Fat 48+, pasteurized cow’s milk, Vegaterian rennet (microbial), protein, salt, natural preservative, natural colorant

Your cheese is freshly cut and vacuum-packaged!
The hard structure of Grand Cru makes it perfectly suitable for sending by post.


The Grand Cru also has its origins in the province of North Holland, just like the other types of cheese in the Stompetoren range. But the Grand Cru is the oldest cheese in the range. Experts also describe this old cheese as "the masterpiece of the collection". The cheese has matured for no less than 18 months in the special Stompetoren ripening warehouse, but this old cheese is still easy to cut. Moreover, the cheese does not get dry at all thanks to the special high temperatures and high humidity in the ripening warehouse.


This unique old cheese is of course extremely suitable as a wonderful addition to your cheese board. You can easily combine the Grand Cru with a delicious glass of red port. But also with a good glass of dry red or white wine, or even a specialty beer. This cheese is also perfect for grating over your pasta, thanks to the full, spicy taste.

Lisää tietoa
Ulottuvuus koko juusto 37 cm Ø x 11 cm H
Merkki Stompetoren
Makuvoimakkuus Erittäin piquantti
Maan alkuperä Hollanti
Ravintosisältö per 100 grammaa
Rasva (gr) 35
Tyydyttynyt rasva (gr) 25,2
Kalsium (mg) 806
Energia (kcal) 426
Energia (KJ) 1766
Hiilihydraatit (gr) Ei tietoa
Proteiini (gr) 24,4
Suola (mg) 1173
Maitotyyppi Lehmä
Gluteiiniton Kyllä
Juoksetetyyppi Kasvisjuoksu (mikrobi)
Sokeriton Kyllä
Saattaa sisältää jäänteitä pähkinöistä Kyllä
Syötävä juustokuori Ei
Laktoositon No
Pastöroitu Yes
Resepti Ei tietoa
Rajoitettu säilyvyysaika Ei
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