Farmer en pride XO

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Farmer en pride XO is also called "the discovery of Farmer en pride". A special crumbled cheese that matures for a minimum of 80 weeks and as a result gets beautiful protein crystals and a full taste.

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Do you like cheese with a spicy, strong taste? Then Farmer en pride XO is definitely the right cheese for you. This cheese is wonderfully spicy and has a strong flavor. The cheese also has a nice crunch thanks to the protein crystals.

Fat 50+, pasteurized cow's milk, rennet, starter, salt, preservative: sodium nitrate.

Your cheese is freshly cut and vacuum-packaged!
The hard structure of Farmer en pride XO makes it perfectly suitable for sending by post.


Farmer en pride X.O. is a special cheese in the Farmer en pride range. This cheese was created entirely by accident. All Farmer en pride cheeses are made with great passion and craftsmanship at Estate Kaamps in the heart of Twente. Entirely by accident, the Kaamps family discovered that after a minimum of 80 weeks of ripening, the cheese was even more delicious and intense in taste. Thanks to this long ripening process, beautiful protein crystals also arise, which ensure a nice crunch. This special crumbled cheese was very rightly crowned with silver at the 2017 World Cheese Awards.


Thanks to the full, powerful taste, this special crumbled cheese goes perfectly with a nice glass of wine. Farmer en pride X.O. You can easily combine it with a glass of Château Les Charmes-Godard or Post Scriptum Douro Valley.

Lisää tietoa
Ulottuvuus koko juusto 37 cm Ø x 12 cm H
Merkki Boer'n Trots
Makuvoimakkuus Erittäin piquantti
Maan alkuperä Hollanti
Ravintosisältö per 100 grammaa
Rasva (gr) 39,9
Tyydyttynyt rasva (gr) 27,8
Kalsium (mg) 750
Energia (kcal) 470
Energia (KJ) 1946
Hiilihydraatit (gr) 2,4
Proteiini (gr) 25,2
Suola (mg) 120
Maitotyyppi Lehmä
Gluteiiniton Kyllä
Juoksetetyyppi juoksute
Sokeriton Ei
Saattaa sisältää jäänteitä pähkinöistä Kyllä
Syötävä juustokuori Kyllä
Laktoositon Yes
Pastöroitu Yes
Resepti Ei tietoa
Rajoitettu säilyvyysaika Ei
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