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Do you also sell cheese in the summer months?

Yes, we also sell cheese in the summer months and we also deliver to the warmer regions. We vacuum-pack the cheese and add a cooling component in the box. This way, the cheese is kept at 15 degrees Celsius for at least 4 days.If the transport time is longer, the cooling components will no longer serve their purpose.
However: Dutch cheese is quite durable. Our Dutch cheese can easily be stored without refrigeration. We do recommend that you immediately refrigerate the cheese upon receipt.
The cheese will quickly settle and recover its great original flavor!

How long can I store the cheese?

We put an expiration date on the packaged cheese with a duration of at least 6 weeks. Kept cool, we guarantee that the cheese will be good to eat for at least 6 weeks. This does not mean that cheese can no longer be consumed after this period. Most likely, the packaged cheese will still be good for consumption for several weeks afterwards. Once you have removed the cheese from its vacuum-packaging, we recommend you keep it well-wrapped in saran wrap or in the accompanying cheese packaging. This will prevent your cheese from drying out.

Is the cheese rind edible?

As a general rule, we advise the following:  the rind of a hard or semi-hard cheese is not edible, but the rind of soft cheeses is edible.
Nearly all hard and semi-hard cheeses have a thin, plastic-like outer-layer that keeps the cheese from drying out and prevents molds from forming. This rind is not intended for human consumption.

Is there mold on the cheese?

Molds should not be found growing on cheese. It could happen, though, if the cheese is not stored properly and is left lying out for too long. Food spoilage occurs with the growth of molds.
If mold is found to be growing on the cheese it is best to slice it off generously. If the mold is no longer visible, the cheese is once again perfectly suitable for consumption.

What is the best way to store the cheese?

It is best to store the cheese in its own packaging.  This packaging contains a thin layer of plastic wrap on the inside which keeps the cheese from drying out. You can also wrap the cheese in household foil.
The cheese can be stored in the refrigerator, but the cheese will settle and acquire the best taste if it is kept in a dry cellar. Cellars usually have a core temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, the perfect temperature for Gouda cheese.  If you choose to store the cheese in the refrigerator, be sure to take it out and let it stand for at least 15 minutes before use. You will taste the difference! 

Will I always receive the exact weight I ordered?

Because the cheese it cut fresh with a knife, a small discrepancy is always possible. Per every kilo of cheese this will never exceed 25 grams.


Do I have to pay any import or customs fees on my order?

<p>If you order from outside of the European Union, you may be required to pay import and customs fees when your order arrives in the country of destination.</p>

Is my order insured?

All of our packages are insured. If PostNL or DHL are unable to locate a package, they will begin an investigation. If the investigation reveals that the package has been lost while in their possession, you will be reimbursed by PostNL or DHL.  Should your package only be delayed due to these companies, you will not be reimbursed.

My product arrived damaged or defective!

We package and ship our orders with the utmost of care, but, occasionally, something may go wrong. If this happens, we will be more than happy to fix the situation as quickly and correctly as possible. 
For more information about returns, click here.

What is that white pouch in the packaging?

We use GelPacks to keep our products at the right temperature during shipping. These GelPacks ensure that the cheese remains nice and cool during shipping. In most cases, the GelPacks will already be soft by the time you receive your package. These GelPacks may be reused as cooling components, for example.

What should I do if I my package hasn’t arrived within the delivery time given?

Our packages are shipped via PostNL or DHL. The delivery time given is an estimate and is not guaranteed. If you have not received your package within the delivery period, we advise you to wait another two or three weeks. If your package still hasn’t arrived after this period, please contact us. We will then ask PostNL or DHL to investigate. 
Unforeseen delays can occur during mailing. This is beyond our control. If the PostNL or DHL investigation reveals that your package has been lost, you have the right to full reimbursement. You will not be reimbursed by us for any delays caused by PostNL or DHL.

When does the delivery time begin?

<p>As described in the invoice, the delivery begins at the moment the package arrives at PostNL or DHL. The delivery times are estimated times and are not guaranteed. <br /> On average, it takes approx. 1-2 working days for your package to arrive at PostNL or DHL.</p>

Where is my order?

We mail our packages via PostNL and DHL. As soon as your package has been sent, you will receive an automated e-mail with your package’s barcode information and a link to the track&trace site of PostNL or DHL.

Should you receive a statement that no package with your barcode has been found, then, most likely, your package is already underway. 
PostNL and DHL need to scan all of their packages, and this process may vary per country.

Order and Payment

Cancelling your order?

It is only possible to cancel your order by e-mail or telephone and within 24 hours after placing your order.

How can I return my order?

If we have accidentally sent you the wrong order, you can return it free of charge, of course. If you are unsatisfied with the product and return it undamaged in its packaging, you will be required to pay the return shipping costs. For more information about returns, click here.

How do I place an order?

We have made shopping in our online shop as convenient as possible. 

On our homepage, you can use the navigation bar to select a product from the webshop or you can directly click on one of the products from the assortment depicted on the page. 

The item groups will then automatically appear underneath the bar. You can then click on one of these groups to make your selection. 

All of the items of the selected group will then appear.  Here, you will also be able to select the weight you desire and the number of items. 

If you wish to order an item, click on the weight, the quantity and then on “Order”. The item will then automatically be placed in your shopping cart. 

If you wish to order more items you can choose to go back to one of the main groups to select another item group. 

Once you have completed your shopping you can click on your shopping cart and your order will be displayed. 
Here, you can always still change or delete any items in your shopping cart. As soon as your order is complete, click on “next step”. 

Next, fill in your address information and click on ‘next step”. You will now come to the payment page where you can select your method of payment.  For every order placed, an order confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided.

Is there a minimal order amount?

<p>Yes, we maintain a minimal order amount of 15.00 EUR (excl. shipping, handling and discounts).</p>


How can I contact the customer service department?

Feel free to contact the customer service department at:

Telephone: +31 - 341 - 427 502 
Fax:              +31 - 341 - 428 292


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