Cheddar Farmhouse Black

The dairy of the Chedder Farmhouse Black is semi-hard and smooth with a golden yellow color. As the cheese ages, the dairy also becomes darker. The cheese has a mild taste at a young age. Thanks to the ripening process, the farmer cheddar develops a delicious, strong nutty taste. In addition, well-aged farmer's cheddar contains a lot of salt and some acid. 

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The Cheddar Farmhouse Black is still made by hand on the farm. This semi-hard Cheddar cheese has a full, rich taste. The dairy is somewhat crumbly and has a golden yellow color. The farmer's cheddar has a black paraffin crust. The unique appearance combined with the rich taste makes it an excellent addition to any cheese board.

Fat 48+, pasteurized milk, rennet, starter, salt, natural pigment: annatto.

Your Cheddar Farmhouse Black is freshly cut and vacuum-packaged.


Did you know that Cheddar is the most produced cheese in the world? However, much of the Cheddar produced on a large scale is fairly flat in taste. Cheddar from the farm, on the other hand, is delicious. The Cheddar Farmhouse Black has been made in Cheddar and other parts of South-West England for centuries. This cheese is still made by hand by cheese masters. The cheese owes its special structure to this. The Cheddar Farmhouse Black is aged in cheese cloths for 9 to 24 months, giving it its hard, gray-brown crust.


Thanks to the unique appearance in combination with the complex taste, the Cheddar Farmhouse Black is an excellent addition to any cheese board. Especially in combination with a port, rosé or slightly sweet wine, this is a true delight. Either way, a wine from the Loire region is an absolute must try with this farmer's cheddar.

Ravintoarvot - allergeenit
Ulottuvuus koko juusto 16 cm Ø x 4 cm H
Merkki Cheddar
Makuvoimakkuus Ytimekäs
Maan alkuperä Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
Ravintosisältö per 100 grammaa
Rasva (gr) 34,9
Tyydyttynyt rasva (gr) 28
Kalsium (mg) 921
Energia (kcal) 416
Energia (KJ) 1725
Hiilihydraatit (gr) 0,1
Proteiini (gr) 25,4
Suola (mg) 683
Maitotyyppi Lehmä
Pastöroitu Kyllä
Laktoositon Ei
Gluteiiniton Kyllä
Juoksetetyyppi juoksute
Sokeriton Ei
Saattaa sisältää jäänteitä pähkinöistä Kyllä
Syötävä juustokuori Ei
Resepti Ei tietoa
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