Pure Gold by Wiebe Willig

The award winning Pure Gold is selected by Wiebe Willig. This premium cow cheese matured for serval months and comes with a savory taste. Intense rich with a sweet undertone.

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Wiebe Willig is the second generation leading the family company. When growing up amongst dairy cattle on the farm of his parents he learned that without healthy, happy cows you cannot produce top quality cheese. Animal welfare and sustainability are a crucial part of the craftsmanship at Henri Willig. This loving animal care translated into many award winning tastes of cow cheese. Wiebe Willig selected Pure Gold, the best premium cheese made out of cow’s milk. With a slightly savory taste, it truly is a golden experience you will not easily forget.

Fat 50+ , Pasteurised cowmilk, salt, lactic acid, Vegetarian (Microbial) Rennet

Your cheese is freshly cut and vacuum-packaged!
The hard structure of Henri Willig cheese makes it perfectly suitable for sending by post.

A cheese loving family. The Willig family has set up an exclusive cheese line, each with their own personal favorite. All unique in taste. The cheeses are naturally matured for several months. Unique appearance due to the engravings on the cheese. For special moments, made to share.

Ravintoarvot - allergeenit
Rajoitettu säilyvyysaika Rajoitettu säilyvyysaika
Ulottuvuus koko juusto +/- 31 cm Ø x 10 cm H
Merkki Henri Willig
Makuvoimakkuus Ytimekäs
Maan alkuperä Hollanti
Ravintosisältö per 100 grammaa
Rasva (gr) 39
Tyydyttynyt rasva (gr) 24
Kalsium (mg) 23
Energia (kcal) 455
Energia (KJ) 1908
Hiilihydraatit (gr) 0,5
Proteiini (gr) 28
Suola (mg) 760
Maitotyyppi Lehmä
Pastöroitu Kyllä
Laktoositon Ei
Gluteiiniton Ei
Juoksetetyyppi Juoksutusmahan
Sokeriton Kyllä
Saattaa sisältää jäänteitä pähkinöistä Kyllä
Syötävä juustokuori Ei
Resepti Ei tietoa
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