Rode Fonduepan Clever - 20cm Ø

A beautiful handy red fondue pan.
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Red Fondue pot Clever - 20cm diameter

A beautiful handy red fondue pan.


  • Cast iron fondue pot
  • Black plastic handle
  • Diameter 20 cm
  • Even heat distribution for cooking homogeneous and softly. Cheese fondue is not lit at the bottom of the fondue pot.
  • Keep your fondue warm. Fondue based on oil or broth stays hot longer. You need to warm not interim.
  • Ultra Smooth bottom, suitable for all heat sources, including induction.
  • Exceptional durability.
  • Many possibilities: from appetizer to dessert, fondue cheese based, oil or chocolate ...
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Suitable for induction, gas and ceramic hob.
  • Not suitable for oven and microwave

This fondue is suitable for:

  • Cheesefondue
  • Chocolate fondue
Ravintoarvot - allergeenit
Merkki Nouvel
Väri Punainen
Keraaminen vai valurauta valurauta
sisältö 1,6 litra
Lämmityskeino Ei
Induktiokäyttöön Kyllä
Resepti Ei
Type Geschenkdoos Ei tietoa
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